Enjoy a Summer of Fun Around the Pool;
Use ‘Layers of Protection’ to Keep It Safe

Memorial Day is a solemn time to remember our fallen heroes. But as the holiday fades into memory, it can mean only one thing: summer is just around the corner and closing in fast! It’s time to shutter the school and open the pool; it’s fun times with family and great parties with friends; and it’s cooling dips on hot afternoons and nights out under the stars.

Before the summer gets into full swing, however, it is important to do a safety check of the pool and spa equipment, check the area around the pool for hazards and go through vital safety information with all pool users and childcare providers.

“The most critical safety program you can implement around your pool this summer is a ‘Layers of Protection’ program,” said Sandy Nadler, President of the Connecticut Spa & Pool Association (CONSPA). “Layers of protection means that the pool and spa is equipped with several devices to delay unsupervised access to the pool or to warn of a child’s presence around the pool.”

Nadler underscored the most significant layer in the “Layers of Protection” program. “It is responsible adult supervision,” he emphasized. “Nothing is more important than responsible adult supervision at the pool. That means that anytime a child is around a pool that a responsible adult must have his or her eyes on the child at all times. It is not only important to thoroughly train the family about this layer of protection, but also anyone else who will be involved with childcare over the summer, including the casual babysitter.”

There are other “layers” as well, explained Nadler, including strong fencing to isolate the pool, which is determined by local building code; safety covers; pool alarms; rope and float lines; rescue equipment; posted emergency information; and an outside phone. Get a complete list here.

Besides “Layers of Protection” material, there is an extensive Safety Checklist for download as well as other safety information that you can share with your family, friends and other responsible adults.

As a final word on safety, Nadler urged pool owners that will hire a pool service company to maintain their pools to always hire a certified and licensed professional in the state of Connecticut, because it is the law. He said that pool owners can find licensed pool and spa professionals through the Connecticut Spa & Pool Association. Contact the Chapter Administrator or simply click on our website at the address below.

Lynda Bardos
Chapter Secretary
Connecticut Spa & Pool Association
P. O. Box 473, Norwalk, CT 06854
(Phone) (860) 819-0374
(Fax) (203) 738-1144

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