The Importance of Branding for Pool & Spa Companies
Kendall Moore

The Importance of Branding for Pool & Spa Companies

In the latest edition of NESPA’s The Edge Magazine, we took a deep dive into branding essentials for pool companies.

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Whether you’re a new business or have been around for generations, it’s never a bad time to evaluate and refine your brand. Here are three avenues you can start exploring to grow your brand identity this year!

Traditional Marketing
Traditional Marketing allows pool and spa companies to be present in customers’ everyday lives. Whether they drive by your billboard every day or see a print ad while flipping through a local magazine, all these interactions add up to them remembering your brand.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means improving your website’s content and structure to improve its visibility in search engine results pages. Investing in SEO allows you to increase your organic traffic to scale your presence without relying on paid traffic to get leads. A well-optimized website can help qualified leads find you.

Public Relations
Another tactic that will build your brand and bolster both your organic and paid efforts is public relations. PR is all about building brand awareness by telling stories. It can be an extremely cost-effective way to build your brand in conjunction with your paid efforts.


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