Pool Education 101 Video Series
Kendall Moore

Pool Education 101 Video Series


 Introducing a new video series on pool education basics with NESPA trainer Jeff Hoydis!

Join Jeff as he covers essential topics like Water Chemistry, pH Importance, and Pool Maintenance Tips. These videos are perfect for beginners or those needing a summer refresher.


Episode 1 | The Importance of Pool Chemistry

Join Jeff as he delves into the importance of mastering proper pool chemistry for optimal pool maintenance. From ensuring pristine water quality to enhancing swimmer comfort, protecting equipment, and achieving water clarity, viewers will learn the essentials of maintaining a healthy pool environment. Tune into this informative session with Jeff and gain valuable insights into the fundamental principles of pool chemistry management.

Watch Full Episode Here 


Curious About Pool Education?

Do you have a specific topic that you would like Jeff to cover in a future video?

If you have any topic suggestions for future videos or any pool education related questions email us at

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